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Hexagon supports surveyors at all levels to achieve their goals

The best surveying service providers are always looking for ways to enhance and grow their business, whether that’s offering new services or adopting more efficient processes.

With over 200 years of history in surveying, Hexagon has the breadth and depth of expertise in the surveying industry to partner with surveying business owners. Offering the latest surveying technologies, Hexagon provides them with accurate instruments, sophisticated software, trusted services, training and support. This enables them to grow their business through expanded services and improved workflows, all while attracting and keeping the best employees.

Delivering projects on time and on budget is a continual challenge for survey managers. Resources need to be flexibly deployed to adapt to continually changing conditions.

With over 200 years of history in surveying, Hexagon leads the industry with accurate instruments, sophisticated software and trusted services. Offering the latest surveying technologies, Hexagon provides survey managers with solutions, training and support. Common field and office software across multiple sensor types reduces training to a minimum and ensures maximum productivity and flexibility. On-line support tools minimise downtime while cloud solutions enable cost-effective collaboration.

Pressure to complete tasks on time causes surveyors constant stress. Having access to the latest surveying technologies ensures the highest level of productivity, while maintaining accuracy.

Using Hexagon’s innovative surveying technologies, you can measure more points per day, ensuring on-time completion of tasks. Easy-to-use software makes field and office work efficient, and we offer extensive training resources. Expert support from Hexagon is available 24/7.

Hydrographic surveyors use state-of-the art sensors, positioning systems and software to map the world’s seabed for a wide range of end uses, from dredging busy ports to planning offshore wind farms.

With decades of experience in maritime environments, Hexagon has developed precise positioning technologies like receivers, antennas and correction services that are reliable, robust and easy to integrate.

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