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GNSS correction services enable reliable, high-accuracy solutions to provide an assured position for precision applications. We solve the problems of 'Do I have the best possible accuracy?' and 'Do I know my position is correct?' by enabling more sustainable operations across industries.

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Our global PPP and regional RTK services transmit GNSS correction data in real-time, with minimal latency, directly to your GNSS receiver via satellite link or Internet connection to provide assured, reliable positioning anywhere, anytime.

These high-quality GNSS correction services unlock cm-level accuracy better than ever before with 99.999% uptime across service levels.

Learn how our global PPP services work here.

A Global Navigation Satellite System satellite pictured orbiting the Earth in space.

TerraStar precise point positioning (PPP) services enable reliable and accurate positioning for applications worldwide. These corrections are delivered over both satellite and IP directly to your Hexagon | NovAtel GNSS receiver.

Our RTK From the Sky™ technology is bringing global PPP into a new era of fast, high accuracy positioning anywhere. This, combined with our efforts to bring integrity to corrections, is re-shaping how the world uses PPP for the future of autonomy and safety.

Learn more about our RTK From the Sky technology program here.

City, forest and water-front with blue sky with various application icons overlaid to depict that our TerraStar Correction Services are available for a variety of applications.

HxGN SmartNet is the world's largest Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) corrections provider. We process more data, from more reference stations around the world, than any other provider.

SmartNet is an NRTK correction service that provides GNSS devices with cm-level accurate position immediately. SmartNet is a reliable enabler for all work that needs precise positioning, no matter which application.

For Leica Geosystems GS smart antennas and receivers, the best choice for GNSS correction services is HxGN SmartNet Global as it automatically enables the best possible accuracy everywhere.

Learn how to enable high accuracy on every GNSS device here.

Hexagon's highly reliable precise point positioning (PPP) corrections infrastructure operates at 99.999% uptime to bring global services to users operating in nearshore and offshore marine environments.

Users in these demanding marine applications can confidently do their work knowing they can trust the high performance of Hexagon's corrections.

Explore offshore oil and gas correction services here.

Explore nearshore correction services here.

A yellow marine port vessel navigating rough seas, supported by Oceanix correction services.

Our support teams provide a world-class customer experience. Our technicians are highly trained to get you set up and keep you running 24/7/365.

Operators at our correction network control centres are constantly monitoring potential disruptions and outages and we closely work with our customers to provide hands-on support.

Learn how this quality support enables world-class accuracy and availability of our correction services here.

Our 24/7 support team are pictured working at one of our global network control centres.


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