How Hexagon creates value for the surveying industry

Leica TS60 Total Station on building construction site

Hexagon leads the industry in helping surveyors exceed clients’ needs

Hexagon's passion for surveying and dedication to those shaping our world is demonstrated by our instruments with industry-leading accuracy and quality, sophisticated software and trusted services. For 200 years, Hexagon’s visionaries have shaped the history of surveying by continuously innovating.
Complete product portfolio

Hexagon offers a complete portfolio of solutions ranging from total stations, GPS/GNSS equipment, 3D laser scanning, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), mobile mapping and utility mapping and detection. Our unrivalled product portfolio guarantees that a solution is available to build and grow your business.

Hexagon’s positioning, measurement and reality capture technology can dramatically improve the way surveyors collect, manage, visualise and share data.


A true partnership

The true partnership we provide includes a full circle of support and services around the globe, any time and anywhere. As your reliable partner, we cover all the angles to provide quick and easy communication between site personnel and skilled experts, keep you and your products up to date, understand the issues and anticipate your needs. Our preventative maintenance helps you avoid downtime and unexpected costs.

We have over 300 service centres in more than 80 countries operated by Hexagon, or certified local distribution partners whose technicians are trained by Hexagon to the highest standard.

Our customers also benefit from a worldwide support network. This includes expert technicians available via hotlines and online support, customised training courses, webinars, seminars and consulting services.

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Dedicated to innovation and quality

Professionals work every day to shape the world we live in. They construct roads, build smart cities, maintain ports, install communication cables and manufacture products that enhance our quality of life. Their work depends on accurate 2D maps and 3D models created by surveyors.

At Hexagon, we are proud of our Swiss surveying history, which represents innovation, precision, reliability, quality and sustainability — important aspects of our company worldwide.

For over 200 years, we have delivered industry-leading innovations based on intensive research and rigorous external requirements to ensure each product meets the highest quality and environmental standards.

Across our worldwide branches, we value the courage to be innovative and invest in research and development, led by our dedicated employees. That is why we represent quality, and why our customers trust Hexagon.

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