sugarcane field and technology

Intelligent solutions for sugarcane production

Planning, automation, monitoring and management of sugarcane operations.

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Hexagon’s solutions for sugarcane production use the most advanced information technologies applied to the entire process of field operations — from soil preparation to crop treatments, through planning and operationalising sugarcane planting and harvesting, to support and logistics operations. 

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To obtain quality raw material at the end of production, it is necessary to have available technologies that help to plan, control, monitor and manage the entire sugarcane production process. Hexagon’s sugarcane technology provides tools to transform the way sugarcane mills manage their processes.

Automation and autonomy

Adopt turnkey automation and positioning solutions — from machine control to fully autonomous — that reduce inputs, optimise yields and assure safety-critical operations while ensuring sustainability and resiliency across crop lifecycles.

Data management, logistics and analysis

Leverage data across the entire crop lifecycle of agricultural and forestry operations — from preparation to planting, cultivation to harvest — to ensure efficient field operations that align to plan and optimise yield and maximise profitability.

OEM solutions

Integrate field-ready advanced technologies for OEMs, including GNSS assured positioning and correction services for precision farming, machine controls and visualisation for analysis and planning.

Planning solutions

Overcome the inherent challenges of planning across multiple time horizons with Hexagon’s unique approach to smart farming that optimises agricultural and forestry land use, workflows, equipment and processes to increase productivity and yield and minimise waste.

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