Perception for autonomous vehicles for farms

Perception for autonomous vehicles and advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS).

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Perception solutions designed for agriculture

Intelligent perception systems enable 360° vision around the vehicle in challenging agriculture environments.

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Autonomy in agriculture is growing fast, and so are the complexities of agriculture ecosystems. Hexagon is simplifying the integration of intelligent perception systems to ensure the best customer experience and the advancement of smart farming.

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Perception for fully autonomous applications

With the growing variety of applications for autonomy and the environments in which they operate, finding a reliable and resilient perception system to advance your autonomous developments can be daunting. Our team of agriculture industry experts understand the challenges you face and work with you to solve them.

With our combined industry knowledge of agriculture and autonomy, Hexagon is shaping the future of perception as it relates to farming. We have developed a fully autonomous demonstration tractor to support advancements in the field. Our technology improves data gathering and system testing for safer, more efficient operations.

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Sensors and intelligence for partial autonomy

Driver-assisted autonomy in agriculture is now a requirement to meet the needs of farmers. With auto-steer and auto-speed functions now included in vehicles, the need for perception solutions is accelerating. The ability to see 360° around machines provides drivers with increased awareness of their surroundings.

Hexagon can work with you to easily integrate perception solutions to enhance your equipment for use in the field. With a comprehensive understanding of obstacles and uses in agriculture, our perception data continues to expand and evolve with the industry.

Hexagon vision kit with positioning, cameras and sensors.


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