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Dealers and integrators are at the front lines of solutions for farmers and need to understand the issues facing customers. With the constant evolution of technology, keeping pace with advancements and understanding their impacts on agriculture operations are essential to offering solutions that address key challenges.

Hexagon offers advanced solutions to support the planning, management, operation and advancement of farming practices. We bring cutting-edge innovations in geo-positioning, mapping, automation, embedded electronics, artificial intelligence and systems integration to the agriculture industry.

Hexagon develops solutions using the most advanced information technologies applied to the entire agricultural production process for planning, automation, monitoring and management of field operations: from soil preparation to crop treatments, through planning and optimisation of planting and harvesting as well as support and logistics operations.

Our goal is always to anticipate and solve problems that may occur in the productive activities of your organisation. We guarantee the complete integration of our solution without compromising the ability to customise specific offerings for the management of the entire agricultural process.

As demand for food, fibre and biofuels increases, farmers need to produce more while facing challenges like land availability, labour shortages and climate change. By integrating new technology into their operations, farmers can increase production while minimising labour requirements, waste and environmental impact.

Hexagon offers data and technology-driven solutions that help farmers maximise their operations through precise positioning, planning and optimisation, machine control, monitoring, analysis and management.

Agriculture departments secure food production, preserve and protect farmland and natural resources, develop rural areas and provide nutritional education based on the latest scientific research and public policies. By contributing to economic growth and driving innovation, agricultural advancements help countries thrive.

Hexagon provides geospatial information and mapping solutions for government departments that support better decision-making and help improve, conserve and protect agricultural land.

Farmers rely heavily on their machines. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) must be at the forefront of industry advancements to support their customers. Hexagon offers the ability to easily integrate the critical components required to advance the precision agriculture industry.

Positioning, machine control, corrections and measurements are at the core of what we do. Our solutions offer OEMs the reliability and resiliency they need to deliver quality products to farmers.

Positioning and perception are integral components to developing robotics solutions for the agriculture industry. In order to be successful, these systems require specialised expertise, innovative technology and large amounts of data. Agriculture robotics manufacturers are creating task-defined solutions to improve efficiency and support the industry in meeting the challenge of labour shortages.

Hexagon has been developing and perfecting positioning systems in agriculture for more than 30 years. Working towards an autonomous future, our teams develop perception solutions that easily integrate into new developments in our pursuit of an autonomous future.

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