Planning and Optimisation: Solutions for planting, harvesting and logistics support in field operations

Solutions for planting, harvesting and logistics support in field operations.

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Hexagon’s solutions improve forest and agriculture planning in the short-, medium- and long term; optimise agricultural and forestry processes for better sizing of investments; reduce cost of preparation, planting, harvesting and transportation operations; and achieve production targets.

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Solutions available on the HxGN AgrOn platform

Hexagon developed the HxGN AgrOn platform using the most advanced information technologies applied to the entire agricultural and forestry production process for planning, agricultural management, monitoring and control of field operations – from soil preparation to crop treatments, from planning and operationalising of planting and harvesting to support and logistics workflows.

Our goal is always to anticipate and solve problems that may occur in the productive activities of your company. That’s why we have structured the HxGN AgrOn platform targeting the application of the PDCA cycle of continuous quality improvement, covering all the activities of planning, execution, control and analysis. 

We guarantee the complete integration of our solution without sacrificing the modularity of each product, so that we can offer optimised management of the entire agricultural and forestry process according to the needs of each customer.


Cultivation, harvesting and logistics 

How the HxGN AgrOn platform can help your company:

  • Reduces waste of raw materials: developed to minimise all potential losses that may occur in the field, acting mainly in the planning and synchronisation of operations, bringing predictability to the flow of raw materials from the field to the industry and in the allocation of machines and inputs
  • Maintains profitability as costs increase: efficiency in the allocation of resources through the automation of machines and implements, and the use of inputs
  • Reduces machine downtime: maximising the efficiency, performance and productivity of agricultural machinery, transporting of trucks and support vehicles through interconnectivity and synchronisation of operations and deviation alerts.



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