Precision agriculture and machine control using automation and autonomy

Solutions in precision agriculture and machine automation for rural producers and dealers.

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Hexagon ensures performance of activities with efficiency, quality and accuracy. Our precision agriculture solutions let you use resources such as light bar, auto steering, section cutting, variable and fixed rate, planting control and monitoring machines in agricultural and forestry operations.

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High-performance agricultural display

From the global leader in autonomous solutions, Hexagon's Ti10 was developed with disruptive technologies and high processing capacity, enabling greater connectivity between field operations. With a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface, it is perfectly suited for any type of operation and has audio and video systems that allow more interactivity with users.

With the ideal technical specifications for maximum performance and meeting high technical protection and safety requirements, the Ti10 display is capable of integrating planning and management systems for better monitoring and follow-up of field activities.


Products for precision agriculture

Hexagon has the most complete solution for precision agriculture. Our products work to monitor and manage operations and automate tractors, machinery and equipment. This solution works in different phases of the agricultural and forestry process, from soil preparation, planting and cultivation to harvesting and raw material transportation. 

Our products ensure quality and efficiency throughout the entire process, helping the operator perform tasks with the utmost accuracy. They also offer cost reduction in operations with work area optimisation and the smart use of resources and inputs.

Ti5, Ti7 and Ti10 displays are compatible with several machines on the market and attend to the needs of each customer, making it possible to include only one or even all products in a single equipment deployment.



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