SDKs (visualisation and analysis) for farms

Create precision agriculture applications to better utilise farm resources and achieve yield gains. 

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Cultivating precision agriculture with geospatial technologies 

Discover how industry-leading software can help farmers see and understand aerial imagery and other geospatial data. 

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Hexagon provides software development kits for developing visualisation and analytics applications to implement smart farming. Pulling in data such as weather forecasts, crop types, soil types and more, farmers can predict outcomes, determine optimal next steps and save money on resources. 


As populations rise and cities expand, the amount of arable land available to provide food for the world's citizens shrinks. It's more important than ever for commercial farmers to maximise their yields without overspending on resources such as fertiliser, equipment repairs and water. 

Hexagon provides SDKs for the development of smart farming and precision agriculture applications that offer a detailed overview of farm operations. With these real-time 3D applications, farmers can view their land by crop type to understand needed actions such as fertilising and watering. They can see a live overview of performance data such as the amount of fertiliser applied, equipment fuel consumption and maintenance intervals. And by leveraging historical field analytics, they can understand which crop types perform best in specific locations.  

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