How Hexagon creates value for the agriculture industry

Aerial view of a tractor with an implement harvesting hay " (Default Alternate Text: "Aerial view of a tractor with an implement harvesting hay

Enabling precision agriculture

Advancing the agriculture industry with precision technology that promotes efficiency and sustainability.

As the agriculture industry evolves to do more with less, Hexagon is creating technologies to increase efficiencies, optimise operations and minimise environmental impact.

Getting to the root of the issues

The agriculture industry is facing several challenges, including labour shortages, wasted resources, land availability and climate change. Meanwhile, the farming industry needs solutions to meet the world's growing demand for food.

Hexagon is advancing technology to offer solutions that help farmers face their challenges head on. Our solutions include:

  • Planning and optimisation tools
  • Machine control and positioning
  • Automation and autonomous solutions
  • Monitoring, visualisation and analysis solutions
Farmer with digital tablet on a rye field

Finding a more sustainable way

Hexagon helps the agriculture industry move towards a better, more sustainable way of farming. With solutions that support all phases of the farming process, we believe agriculture can benefit from advanced technologies that:

  • Create efficiency opportunities for precision agriculture processes
  • Increase machine productivity
  • Synchronise and connect operations
  • Reduce waste of fuel and raw material
  • Maintain profitability despite rising costs
  • Advance autonomous and automated equipment



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