Geospatial mapping and analysis for farms

Use high-resolution imagery, geospatial tools and maps to gain insights for precision agriculture. 

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Land parcel identification system serves farmers efficiently 

Learn how Hexagon's geospatial mapping and analysis solutions help farmers qualify for subsidies in the Netherlands.

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From data on crop health, density and growing conditions to real-time field and crop inspections, Hexagon provides agriculture producers with GIS, remote sensing and smart mapping technologies to create precise and predictive digital farming methods.  


Pollution, soil degradation and erosion all contribute to the declining amount of arable land available for farmers to grow the world’s food. The growing number of natural disasters adds to the struggles agriculture producers face to increase operational output. 

Hexagon provides geospatial mapping and analysis solutions that help farmers create precise and predictive agriculture operations, maximising the use of land with minimal resources.

Whether it’s multispectral imagery analysis to identify stressed crops, AI-powered feature extraction for crop inventories or using land parcel identification to apply for subsidies, our mapping and analysis solutions make it easier to track and monitor production. Our solutions help farmers and agriculture managers create digital farming methods that streamline operations and enable them to quickly pivot to achieve optimal crop yields. 

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