SMART antenna solutions

Providing the highest quality all-in-one positioning solution built specifically for agriculture.

Sprayer in an orchard with a GNSS SMART antenna on the roof.

Bringing precision to the farm

Hexagon's high-precision GNSS receiver and high-performance antenna together in a single compact, rugged enclosure.

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Reliable GPS/GNSS positioning systems are integral to precision agriculture practices. Hexagon's SMART antennas are built to outperform others in demanding agriculture environments with a compact, durable enclosure.


Farmers rely on your equipment, and you need to rely on the quality of your components. Hexagon has a wide range of options to work with you and your business. Our rugged GNSS SMART antennas, receivers and enclosures deliver high-precision and the reliability you need thanks to our industry-leading low failure rates.

Firmware configurations allow for scalable accuracy options to offer to your customers. This means that a single hardware solution can meet the demands of your varied customer base.

We partner with Agriculture OEMs and integrators to provide solutions that meet their needs. From off-the-shelf products to custom white-labelled products, we can customise our existing products or design a new one for your exclusive use.

The roof of the Hexagon | NovAtel autonomous tractor with two SMART7 antennas


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