Aircraft landing gear and systems

Aircraft landing gear and underside

Design, production and inspection solutions for aircraft landing gear

Ensuring critical system safety and longevity for aircraft landing gear components and assemblies.

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Aircraft landing gear is an essential system that enables safety from the gate to take-off to landing. Nose and main landing gear systems include powerful actuators, structural struts and beams, complex wheels and brake systems. These are all subjected to high load, stresses and harsh environmental conditions.

The landing gear mechanism requires complex multibody dynamics and high-load simulation on the structural parts and the wheels, tyres and brake components. Hexagon supports the needs of aircraft landing gear design with computer-aided engineering (CAE) software, including multibody dynamics and coupled simulation tools.

Hexagon’s production software can simulate aircraft landing gear production processes. It calculates the right amount of material to be machined and ensures tool paths are optimised. Our CAM software will generate and communicate optimised trajectories to machining centres.

When manufacturing a landing gear strut, beam, wheel or brake, these circular and cylindric parts need to be inspected both inside and out during production to ensure the materials are made correctly.

Our on-machine probing solutions support measurement of aircraft landing gear components during production. Analytics tools compile in-line metrology data to anticipate defects and make corrections during production. Hexagon’s automated non-contact metrology tools also enable process monitoring and inspection of landing gear components and assemblies near the production floor. 

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The aerospace industry is under pressure to deliver sustainable aviation on a mass scale. Smart manufacturing solutions can accelerate innovation, optimising aircraft designs and maximising production efficiency. See how Hexagon is enabling the industry to deliver greener aircraft in a more sustainable way.

Design and engineering phase

With Hexagon’s innovations in manufacturing technology, users can digitally simulate and optimise product design and engineering to ensure component manufacturability, production productivity and output quality.

Production phase

Maintain a digital thread through production, optimise machine tools, measure environmental variances and prevent downtime with predictive data analyses.

Inspection phase

Automate and digitalise quality measurement with our world-leading metrology hardware and software, creating a bridge between the real and digital worlds.

Digital transformation

Deploy Hexagon’s sensor software systems to transform siloed and disconnected processes into an integrated, data-driven manufacturing ecosystem that captures and creates value across the product lifecycle, enabling new business models and automating workflows to become increasingly autonomous, efficient and sustainable.

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