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Hexagon's Xalt Solutions helps manufacturers accelerate their digital transformation by optimising workflows involving people, methods and the Internet of Things (IoT). The enterprise integration solution integrates and orchestrates information between systems of record and locations.


Enterprise integration services

Enterprise data integration extends the functionality of systems of record, ties them together and facilitates the adoption of new, more effective solutions. By orchestrating enterprise data integration, information flows simply and securely, and digital integration elevates the benefits of all your systems and the internet of things (IoT). 

Comprehensive integration services yield benefits like these:

  • Connects all machine protocols, systems of record, third-party software, databases and more
  • Includes easily configurable business rules
  • Enables digital transformation in any size or type of enterprise
  • Opens up opportunities for autonomous processes and AI
  • Simplifies the user experience to interact with multiple enterprise data sources behind a single pane of glass

High-value enterprise integration services leverage escalating amounts of enterprise data insights coming from the IoT and other sources. These services transform enterprise data into actionable information, adding knowledge to business ecosystems.

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