Landing gear fatigue and life prediction analysis

Dedicated fatigue analysis software that enables aircraft manufacturers to make landing gear stress and fatigue calculations in a single step

Being able to accurately predict an aircraft’s durability and damage tolerance enables aerospace manufacturers to build safer planes and offer operators better performance guarantees. Structural fatigue is of particular concern and is one of the principal reasons for aircraft failing to comply with legally enforceable safety directives.

But determining when different parts of an aircraft’s structure are likely to succumb to fatigue is a complex calculation. One of the challenges is that a typical aircraft undergoes a high number of take-off and landing cycles making it unfeasible to conduct physical tests that reflect a component’s extensive use. In addition, no two aircraft have exactly the same usage patterns. The answer is to virtually test, analyse and predict the durability of structural components within different environments. 

Hexagon’s award-winning embedded fatigue analysis software automates component fatigue prediction so that engineers can improve the final aircraft design. This one-step simulation tool undertakes stress and fatigue calculation in a single operation for easier, more accurate landing gear lifecycle predications.

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