Co-simulation for coupled physics

CAE software solutions for co-simulating coupled physics.

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At many companies, CAE is performed as an isolated activity within a single functional team or engineering discipline. Hexagon’s multiphysics cosimulation solutions enable engineers to model the interactions between physics disciplines, enhancing the performance, safety and reliability of products.


CAE simulation tools can offer incredible insights into product performance. However, most focus on a single physics discipline, where in reality the performance, safety and reliability of products is greatly influenced by the interactions between multiple physics disciplines. This is where multiphysics cosimulation – also known as coupled simulation or connected simulation – adds unique value.

Multiphysics cosimulation provides engineers with more complete and holistic performance insight by coupling together multiple simulations. With multiphysics cosimulation, engineers can more realistically model the interaction of products with their environment, such as the vehicle behaviour in crosswinds or the motion of a propeller in tidal water.

Hexagon’s solutions for multiphysics cosimulation enable everything from acoustic simulation to multibody dynamics, CFD to structural analysis, and explicit crash dynamics to be coupled, giving greater insights in design for better overall performance.

Multiphysics cosimulation of fluid-structure interaction


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