Dimensional analysis

Capture dimensional data for quality control and analyse results to improve manufacturing processes.

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Dimensional analysis is a critical science that underpins manufacturing from design to production and quality assurance. Hexagon’s metrology hardware and software solutions enable manufacturers to compare part dimensions to specifications and use the information to improve quality and performance.


In the age of smart manufacturing, dimensional analysis is taking on a new and increasingly important role in the product development process. Use of metrology devices to capture dimensional data now goes beyond simple quality checks and offers the potential to actively improve designs and autonomously correct manufacturing processes. 

Analysing quality data to its full potential offers valuable insight for decision-making. Smart manufacturing needs dimensional analysis to bridge the gap between the real and virtual and provide truly digitalised processes.

Hexagon’s metrology portfolio includes all major sensor technologies and metrology hardware: hand tools, coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), portable measuring arms, laser trackers and 3D optical scanners. We also develop an extensive range of 3D metrology software, CT analysis software and statistical process control (SPC) solutions, enabling manufacturers to easily capture data and gain insights that support better decisions.

Shop-floor operator using jogbox to measure a part on a coordinate measuring machine with software in foreground.


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