Aircraft structural damage recording and analysis

Statistical analysis software to identify damage and potential failures in aircraft

Aircraft safety depends on maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO) teams being able to quickly and reliably identify existing and potential sources of structural failure and damage.

Successful damage monitoring and recording relies on the ability to access and analyse a wide array of current information about the aircraft, including data captured by a variety of equipment during routine maintenance checks, and information about the assembled structure from product lifecycle management software. By drawing on multiple data feeds, statistical analysis software can point to sources of damage by, for example, automatically finding correlations between different data sets and spotting trends across multiple inspections.

Data analysis systems need to be able to capture and integrate data from across different sites and manufacturers’ measurement systems. Findings must be presented in an easily digestible form that gives MRO operators the intelligent insight they need to take timely action.

Hexagon’s dedicated statistical process control (SPC) and quality data management software solutions are designed to aggregate data from multiple sources and present comprehensive actionable reports. Our on-premise or web-based solutions enable MRO teams and other stakeholders to access relevant reports and ensure up-to-date information is available for each aircraft, making comprehensive damage recording and monitoring simpler.

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Statistical analysis software

qs-STAT software provides a statistical analysis of quality information, allowing MRO teams to track aircraft damage over a period of time.

Insights into measurement results

eMMA Analyst analyses measurement results and provides insights that give MRO teams better control over damage monitoring and recording.

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