HxGN Virtual manufacturing and costing

Virtual validation and process simulation for sustainable product development and manufacturing.

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Hexagon solutions simulate entire metal manufacturing process chains, including metal forming, welding and joining and additive manufacturing (AM). Our costing solutions establish target costs early in design to improve material utilisation, reduce weight and minimise tooling development times.


Manufacturers are under increased pressure to maintain their competitive advantage by reducing product development time and cost while ensuring high-quality products. For example, in the automotive industry, vehicle development and production planning can be responsible for up to 90% of the total cost.

Introducing virtual manufacturing and costing simulation tools in forming, welding, joining and stamping enables robust, error-free economic processes. Replacing physical product and process testing with virtual analysis and validations drastically reduces the production costs of prototypes and engineering proof time.

Hexagon’s virtual manufacturing and costing solutions support product developers through cost, design and manufacturing engineering. They enable engineers to prove manufacturability and validate production processes with simulation to achieve efficient and cost-effective product development and implementation.

Examples of metal forming, virtual assembly and metal additive manufacturing in Hexagon's virtual manufacturing and costing software


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