Hardware maintenance contracts (HMAs)

Prevent and repair machine malfunctions with a hardware maintenance contract to ensure measuring system performance


As with all hardware, aging can lead to problems with measuring systems. This can result in a troubling loss of time and money, whether caused by reduced system performance or the cost of single-intervention repairs to avoid prolonged machine downtime. Meeting business objectives and being productive relies on keeping metrology equipment in perfect working order.

The problem is that the gradual deterioration of a machine can go unnoticed, particularly in the extremely busy everyday operations of today’s manufacturing world. Issues developing in a system may not be detected until they begin to show up in erroneous results and unreliable performance – when it’s too late to prevent the costly effects.

A contract guaranteeing regular machine maintenance and technical support when you need it saves time and money when it comes to keeping your measuring systems and business operating smoothly. Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence’s hardware maintenance agreements (HMAs) give you confidence in your machine performance by combining various levels of remote and online diagnostic / repair support with periodic on-site preventive maintenance checks and corrective intervention maintenance. With a large, strategically-located service team and access to a comprehensive stock of spare parts, we can ensure quick, expert response to your support requests, repairing measuring machines in the shortest time possible.

We offer a variety of maintenance packages to meet the level of support you need. These packages are highly flexible, enabling you to include contract features that target your specific requirements and effectively control the costs of equipment servicing. Equipment covered by a maintenance contract take priority when we schedule technical assistance. Agreement holders can also enjoy discounts on accessories and replacement parts, training, and software maintenance contracts (SMAs).

We offer HMAs for a range of measuring systems, including coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), laser tracker systems, and portable measuring arms.