Telecommunications and networks

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Digital transformation for communications

Digital solutions for telecommunications to power innovation and boost agility.

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The telecommunications and network industry is in a state of transition to cloud-based and digital systems. Hexagon’s solutions help telecommunications companies navigate the transformation and maximise the opportunities presented by new technologies with reduced risk and greater agility. With Hexagon's solutions, companies benefit from a digital framework for a higher-quality and more secure service.

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Hexagon’s manufacturing solutions for telecommunications and network manufacturers weave a connected digital thread from design to quality inspection. Our technology supports manufacturers by putting data to work, giving greater control of production processes and making them more resilient to change.

Design and engineering phase

With Hexagon’s innovations in manufacturing technology, users can digitally simulate and optimise product design and engineering to ensure component manufacturability, production productivity and output quality.

Digital transformation

Deploy Hexagon’s sensor software systems to transform siloed and disconnected processes into an integrated, data-driven manufacturing ecosystem that captures and creates value across the product lifecycle, enabling new business models and automating workflows to become increasingly autonomous, efficient and sustainable.

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Industrial facilities
Industrial communications facilities require a high degree of planning, efficiency and reliability. Hexagon’s autonomous solutions utilise powerful sensors and interconnected data management systems to monitor facilities and route data more efficiently, providing fast and efficient incident response along with in-depth facility operations management.

Operate and maintain phase

Leverage data from the planning, design and build phases to create an operational twin: a smart, digital reality that connects people, processes and events throughout the entire industrial facility lifecycle.

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