How Hexagon creates value for the electronics industry

Electronics development engineers discussing a stack of PCB motherboards

Digitalising processes to meet challenging product-lifecycle demands

Hexagon puts data to work to bring consistency and efficiency to the competitive and complex electronics industry. Our solutions provide a digital thread of data that helps autonomise processes, speed up new product development, deliver insightful data and reduce the need for skills training.

Managing a complex supply chain

As electronics products have become more complex, most companies are unable to manufacture all the components in-house. As a result, many parts are outsourced to contract manufacturers.

This creates a fragmented and complicated supply chain, with inconsistent methodologies for a variety of parts that each need to be checked to ensure they have been manufactured as designed. Identifying defects is critical, and doing so early can save considerable time and cost.

Greater digitalisation and process automation can ease issues that result from disparate component sources and the pressure of short product lifecycles. Hexagon’s digital manufacturing solutions empower the management of supply chains and deliver the agility and control necessary to operate in harmony with modern electronics supply chains, enabling the manufacture of high-quality and desirable electronic products.

Conceptual image of a chain breaking, representing the challenges to the supply chain

Digitalisation for efficiency and quality

As the adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) accelerates, electronic products are increasingly pervasive in modern life. Consumers expect their electronic devices to have a premium look and feel, as well as excellent performance, to justify their often high price point. It’s not easy to seamlessly bring countless parts together into the finished product, but smart manufacturing technology makes it simpler.

  • Advanced CAE simulation predicts thermal and structural behaviour of components at the design stage
  • Cutting-edge production software optimises manufacturing processes to reduce time and cost
  • Metrology solutions for materials and geometries are digitally linked into the production process for autonomised quality inspection
  • Contactless inspection options ensure delicate components are produced as designed
  • Previously siloed departments are brought together through a unifying digital thread, accelerating NPI and prototyping
  • Time-to-market is drastically reduced to stay competitive



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