Health and Safety Compliance

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Hexagon's Nexus Connected Worker helps manufacturers accelerate their digital transformation, while improving safety by optimising workflows involving people, methods and machines. The solution integrates and orchestrates information between systems of record and locations where work is performed, improving safety for employees and processes.


Health and jobsite safety compliance

Health and jobsite safety compliance software creates digital workflows that support your organisation’s policies, procedures and regulatory compliance for a safer and healthier workplace. 

A health and jobsite safety compliance solution should address areas like these:

  • Performing job hazard analysis and avoidance planning
  • Promoting accurate, consistent incident reporting procedures
  • Planning for incident response
  • Managing OSHA and other applicable regulations
  • Providing accurate reporting per company and industry standards
  • Mitigating risk of liability and loss of life

Careful and consistent management of workplace health and jobsite safety minimises danger to workers and equipment and reduces risk of legal exposure for your company.

Manufacturing environment workers, practicing jobsite safety in hard hats, ear protection and gloves


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