Computational fluid dynamics

Analyse complex thermal and fluid phenomena with CFD for more realistic physics simulations.

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We all experience physics-related phenomena daily as fluids act in harmony with structures, magnetics and electrics in various complex ways. Hexagon’s computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solutions enable engineers to understand these phenomena and account for them in product development.


CFD simulation

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is a simulation approach used for analysing complex thermal and fluid phenomena. It is instrumental in ensuring the quality and safety of products used on a daily basis.

CFD software is indispensable in early product development to ensure the best product concepts are identified early in the design process. Using CFD in the conceptual design phase improves design quality by conducting basic studies of fluid and thermal phenomena that directly affect product performance. 

Hexagon's computational fluid dynamics solutions enable users to visualise the complex movements of a gas or liquid flow in order to predict the performance of products before physical testing. They are particularly strong at coupled simulations, which allow the modelling of CFD results with other physics analysis such as mechanical and structural simulations. This results in a more optimised design early in the product development cycle. In some cases, CFD simulation can replace the need for physical testing.

Introduction video for the Cradle CFD computational fluid dynamics software


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