Electronics assembly

Inspecting smartphone case components

Accelerating assembly for electronics

Digitalised solutions for efficient, robust electronic assembly.

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Demand for products that include electronic assembly continues to rise with the growth of wearables, eMobility and IoT. Responding to the resulting challenges — including miniaturisation and energy efficiency — can be made easier with digital solutions from Hexagon. Our technology drives innovation, efficiency and quality by putting data to work in smarter ways. 

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  • Manufacturing
Manufacturing high-quality, durable electronic assemblies is enhanced at the design stage through Hexagon’s advanced thermal and structural simulation technology. Our precision metrology hardware and software capabilities also ensure that strict quality control is maintained throughout the production process.

Inspection phase

Automate and digitalise quality measurement with our world-leading metrology hardware and software, creating a bridge between the real and digital worlds.

Digital transformation

Deploy Hexagon’s sensor software systems to transform siloed and disconnected processes into an integrated, data-driven manufacturing ecosystem that captures and creates value across the product lifecycle, enabling new business models and automating workflows to become increasingly autonomous, efficient and sustainable.