Key stakeholders of the electronics industry

Engineer working on computer uses CAD software to design a printed circuit board (PCB)

Digital transformation for brands and contract manufacturers

Despite the technical nature of the electronics industry, many electronics manufacturers have not fully digitalised their processes. Hexagon’s solutions implement an end-to-end digital transformation, closing gaps between departments and delivering consistency in design, production and quality management throughout the supply chain.

Hexagon’s CAE software solutions can simulate the thermal and structural behaviour of components to optimise designs, reduce prototype iterations and minimise failures. With many components manufactured by third parties for OEM assembly, Hexagon’s metrology solutions can automate quality inspection to accelerate processes, maintain quality and reduce costs.

The electronics contract manufacturing industry relies on economies of scale to balance the shrinking margins in this increasingly competitive global market. OEMs use the services of a wide range of contract manufacturers, and some also outsource design capabilities, to reduce costs and increase agility.

In this complex environment, Hexagon presents electronics contract manufacturers with an opportunity to sharpen their competitive edge and harness the power of advanced digital technology, enhancing the automation of processes from design to quality inspection. Our solutions empower contract manufacturers with an optimised digital framework to innovate faster and increase efficiencies.

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