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EcoSys™ Documents

Ensure the right document is in the right hands at the right time with this cloud-based software solution for document management and workflow automation.

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Maximise Efficiency through Effective Document Management
Enterprise-wide project document management is critical for maximising the efficiency of project teams. You cannot afford to waste time searching for documents. Instead, leverage a solution that allows you to control document access, versioning and approval workflows. As project complexity grows and the number of stakeholders involved increases, effective document management can seem almost impossible. EcoSys Documents eliminates this issue by providing a single location for all project files.


Break Down the Barriers to Collaboration with EcoSys Documents

EcoSys Documents is a critical piece of Hexagon’s Enterprise Project Performance solution, EcoSys™, that delivers robust document management capabilities integrated with other key processes for project portfolio management, project controls and project management. The cost-effective tool lets you easily manage access rights to all documents, ensuring the right document is always in the right hands at the right time. Automated approval workflows, versioning capabilities and full audit trail enable you to improve accuracy, efficiency and control. Introduce seamless collaboration across all projects in your organisation and improve your document management processes. With EcoSys Documents, document management will change from an obstacle to a driver of success.


  • Efficiently share or view documents from a single, centralised location.
  • Easily create revisions, annotations and notifications.
  • Keep track of all versions and log all modifications.
  • Standardise document capture.
  • Organise documents in a structured and efficient way.
  • Create standard metadata to easily locate documents.
  • Control accuracy of documents by locking files for editing.
  • Revert to previous versions when needed.
  • Create forms to capture structured input.
  • Set up project and folder document access.
  • Leverage to full audit and history trail for each file.
  • Expedite document review and approvals with strong workflow capabilities.
  • Capture all components of RFIs, transmittals, submittals and other project artifacts.
  • Supports 70+ document formats.

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