Surveillance and Security for Rail & Transit

3D Surveillance helps increase the safety of railway stations and reduces rail-related traffic accidents.

Surveillance challenges in your industry

With passenger and freight traffic expected to double by 2050, safety and security expectations for rail organisations are higher than ever. Challenges are complex. Railway operators need to ensure railway stations are safe. They need to have full visibility of people in tunnels and on railway crossings. Traditional security and surveillance systems have limitations when addressing many of these demanding requirements: They rely on human observation of camera systems and face operational issues in the dark and in some weather conditions. They also don’t have the built-in intelligence that allows them to identify the threat type.

A solution for your challenges

Hexagon’s smart 3D Surveillance system uses sensor fusion technology — a combination of video cameras, thermal imaging and LiDAR — along with edge computing and AI to detect and report physical changes within a space instantly. The system can detect if people have entered a secure zone and identify a hazardous situation. It is always on and scans the environment around it 24/7 without interruption. It can identify the difference between threats and nonthreats and trigger a variety of actions upon threat detection. Hexagon’s 3D Surveillance operates reliably in all weather and light conditions.

Application Examples

3D Surveillance for Rail

Find out how Hexagon's 3D Surveillance solutions help keep railway tunnels, railway crossings and railway stations safe, protecting workers, passengers and passers-by.

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