Discover 3D Surveillance

Discover the value of 3D Surveillance, understand its components and see it in action. 

Museum using 3D security solution Leica BLK247 with tablet showing Accur8vision volumetric surveillance software.

3D Surveillance

Discover the value of 3D Surveillance, understand its components and see it in action.

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Worldwide, the demand for security and surveillance is increasing. Hexagon helps its customers address security challenges with its smart 3D surveillance system that detects physical changes in a space and immediately differentiates between threats and nonthreats with accuracy and reliability.

Next-generation surveillance

Hexagon's 3D Surveillance solution substantially reduces the number of false alarms and adds a layer of security beyond what security personnel and traditional sensors can provide.

Person viewing Accur8vision 3D security solution software

Hexagon's 3D surveillance system solution reduces the number of false alarms and adds a layer of security compared with traditional systems. It doesn’t require security personnel to monitor many screens. The Leica BLK247 autonomously detects changes in the environment it monitors. Employing AI and edge computing, our system recognises the difference between a threat and a non-threat — for example, a human intruder versus wildlife — and will automatically trigger an alert if necessary.

Volumetric vs. perimeter detection

Conventional security systems detect trespassers at the perimeter of a guarded area, losing track of them once they are inside. In contrast, 3D Surveillance protects the entire security zone. Our system provides information about an intruder's size, exact position and movement trajectory.

Lidar detection vs. 2D video analysis

Video-based object detection cannot differentiate between a small animal close to the camera and a person at a distance. In contrast, Lidar-based object detection uses accurate spatial data and can reliably differentiate a person from an animal or object.

Real-time alarm events

Within our 3D surveillance system, you can specify the exact dimensions of an alarm zone. If an intruder triggers an alarm, the operator receives detailed information about his or her size, exact position, speed and movement trajectory. All sensors will automatically turn to the intruder.

Minimise false alarms

The system will ignore objects smaller or larger than the specified limit. Therefore, small animals or a passing train will not trigger an alarm. Our 3D Surveillance system’s snapshot functionality helps the system to learn the scene and to ignore known objects within the environment.
Increase the reliability of threat detection with smart lidar-based 3D surveillance.

Grow your business

State-of-the-art 3D surveillance solutions help you provide better service to existing customers and open up new opportunities.

Solve customer problems

Enhanced security and fewer false alarms increase your customers' confidence in the surveillance systems you provide.

Easy integration

Hexagon's 3D surveillance solution is easy to set up and configure.

Get certified

Hexagon's 3D surveillance system is an ideal addition to your portfolio. We want to help you grow your business and support your customers. That's why we offer a Certified System Integrator programme which will give you the tools and the support your need to include 3D surveillance as part of your offering.

Hexagon’s 3D surveillance provides solutions for various industries and diverse challenges. For additional versatility, our components are compatible with other systems. Our trusted solution partners offer complementary services that seamlessly integrate with our surveillance solutions.

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Read customer case studies and learn how others are using Hexagon's 3D surveillance solutions to protect people and property. Access our trainings and watch our webinars to find out how you can make the most of our solutions.

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