Easy integration of 3D Surveillance system

Hexagon's 3D surveillance solution can easily and quickly integrate into current systems, enhancing the functionality, performance and reliability.



Easily integrates into your solution

Hexagon's 3D surveillance solution can be seamlessly integrated into existing video management software (VMS) or physical security information management (PSIM) so you can form a custom solution for your security needs.



Smart threat detection

LiDAR technology, artificial intelligence and edge computing enable smart threat detection in all lighting conditions.



Easy customisation

Optimise the security solution by creating security zones and defining time-based rules. Use the systems snapshot functionality to learn to differentiate between known and unknown objects.



3D mapping for surveillance planning

Capture the surveillance area and create a 3D replica. Then plan the position and angle of the LiDAR and other cameras within the digital environment. Finally, use a virtual intruder to test the system's robustness.

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