A city landscape that alludes to Hexagon's success.

Our story

A journey from incremental progress to exponential change

A digital reality solutions portfolio

Hexagon begins to build its portfolio with the acquisition of global leaders in measurement, reality capture and GPS positioning.

Creating sensor software solutions

The acquisition of Intergraph marks the first software acquisition, enabling Hexagon to begin creating sensor software solutions.

Driving sustainability

Hexagon is a focused corporation driven to empower our customers with the freedom to do well by doing good.

Hexagon happened

Hexagon, a Swedish conglomerate, divests from numerous holdings and begins investing in digital reality and autonomous solutions.

Smart digital realities

Continued strategic software acquisitions: MSC, Luciad, BricSys and AutonomouStuff, allowing data to be put to work in new ways.

Freedom of autonomy

The acquisition of Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) in later 2021 rounds out Hexagon’s smart digital reality capabilities.

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Hexagon's journey

About 25 years ago, a Swedish multinational company made a deliberate choice to transform the company’s future and fortunes. In ever-bigger incremental steps, Hexagon evolved — becoming the global leader in digital reality and autonomous solutions that it is today, focused on driving the world towards a sustainable future.

Innovation and investment

Hexagon is unlike any other technology company on the planet. What sets us apart is our portfolio of digital reality solutions, made possible by our unique expertise in combining our sensor, software and autonomous technologies that together liberate the power of data to change the world for the better.

We aggressively invest in R&D to maintain leadership in innovation and drive organic growth, and we diligently pursue strategic, groundbreaking technologies through acquisitions that complement and accelerate progress. This approach has positioned Hexagon both as the frontrunner in digital reality solutions and as a force that transforms organisations by empowering their leaders and employees to adapt to rapid changes wrought by evolving digital technologies. And most importantly, it has enabled us to deliver on the freedom that autonomous digital reality solutions empowers.

Freedom of autonomy

By introducing autonomy to data, processes and workflows, we are freed from what was once holding us back. Data is no longer an obstacle and can be put to in work ways never before possible.

With autonomy customers are free to see the future as clearly as the past. Free to collaborate securely across geographies, networks, silos and legacy systems. Free to visualise what was previously invisible. Free from constraints of complexity, time and distance. Free to know what wasn’t known before.

With autonomy Hexagon is free to innovate our approach to innovation and accelerate our rate of acceleration. With autonomy we can set industries free to overcome obstacles and ramp up efforts to meet the great and pressing challenges facing humanity. Free to scale sustainability globally — while increasing productivity, growth and profitability.

Freedom to do well

The Hexagon story is about our customers doing well. And how doing well will lead to doing good things for the planet. Efficiency, productivity, quality, safety … these are the antidotes to a planet under siege.

With our solutions, our customers are empowered to turn data into a sustainable, competitive advantage. To make factories more productive, cities safer, industrial facilities more efficient and construction projects more profitable. Hexagon will drive sustainability, growth and shareholder value for years to come by empowering our customers with the freedom to do good by doing well.

Creating sustainable value across ecosystems

Hexagon creates, captures and delivers value across two mega-ecosystems: people and production. The ecosystems that most directly impact people include cities and nations, defence, buildings and infrastructure. Production ecosystems include manufacturing, industrial facilities, mines and farms.

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Lifecycle of vertical structures

Solutions that change the way buildings are planned, designed, constructed and utilised.

Building safe communities

Hexagon’s solutions make cities and nations safe, resilient, agile and sustainable.

Lifecycle of industrial assets

Solutions enabling customers to leverage data throughout the asset lifecycle.

Lifecycle of engineering projects

Putting data to work for the world’s largest infrastructure projects.

Ensuring the defence of nations

Hexagon’s defence technologies transform data into accurate and actionable information.

Lifecycle of farms and crops

Solutions that improve coordination and management of cultivation and harvest logistics.

Accelerating autonomous mobility

Leveraging data to deliver the world’s most advanced autonomous mobility solutions.

Lifecycle of discrete manufacturing

Connect the vast manufacturing ecosystem via a smart digital reality.

Solutions for the life-of-a-mine

Solutions leveraging data from planning to operations to sustainable reclamation.

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