Solving your customers' problems

A 3D Surveillance solution for a 3D problem

Your customers chose you as their security system integrator because they trust in your ability to keep people and assets safe. Hexagon’s 3D Surveillance will help you offer even more value to your customers. Our innovative solutions excel where conventional security systems may struggle.



Reduced false positives and false alarms

In conventional systems, a stray animal or drifting leaves can trigger an alarm. Our smart 3D Surveillance solution distinguishes between people and animals and differentiates between a threat and a nonthreat.



Reliable operation in many conditions

The system's LiDAR works in all lighting conditions and in any weather. More reliability means more trust in the system.



Additional information about security events

Hexagon's 3D Surveillance solution provides information about the intruders exact position and movement and can automatically rotate cameras to their location.



Seamless surveillance without blind spots

Hexagon’s 3D Surveillance solution includes the multi-sensor device Leica BLK247 that provides 360° horizontal x 270° vertical field-of-view coverage. Monitor an entire space or define specific areas of interest using 3D geofencing.



Reduced reliance on security guards monitoring screens

AI differentiates between threats and nonthreats. In an alarm event, the system automatically creates an alert and provides additional information. It can even prompt specific action such as closing a gate or switching off a machine.



Easy installation and seamless integration with existing systems

Hexagon's 3D Surveillance solution is easy to implement. It is an open system that is compatible with other security systems and other manufacturers' security components.

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