Surveillance and Security for Transportation

Enhance security and surveillance at airports, ports, railway stations, roads and associated facilities with 3D Surveillance.

Hexagon's 3D Surveillance provides solutions for various security challenges in the transportation industries. Select your industry to learn more.

Related Industries

Civil Aviation

3D Surveillance adds to the safety of planes, hangars, airports, runways and tarmacs.

Ports & Canals

Use 3D Surveillance to protect canals, ports and harbours.

Rail & Transit

Railway operators can enhance safety with 3D Surveilling solutions.

Roads & Highways

3D Surveillance offers comprehensive solutions for diverse challenges on roads and highways.

Application Examples

Automated volume measuring

Automated volume monitoring provides accurate inventory of current bulk storage. Hexagon's BLK247 3D scanners deliver information in real time and support asset management with automated processes.

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