Grow your business with 3D Surveillance

Today's security challenges require modern solutions. Expand your portfolio with 3D Surveillance and access more business opportunities.

State-of-the-art 3D Surveillance solutions can expand your current offering and provide many additional benefits to you and your customers. Hexagon’s intelligent 3D Surveillance system automatically detects physical changes within a space, immediately and reliably identifies a threat and notifies the relevant personnel accordingly. The system helps minimise false alarms, lower operating costs and enhance security for your customers. Discover how 3D Surveillance can help you expand opportunities with your current customers and open new opportunities with potential customers.

Increase your systems' reliability

False alarms can be costly and will erode customers’ trust in your system. By reducing false alarms, you enhance your customers’ loyalty and generate new opportunities. Due to LiDAR technology, our system identifies an intruder’s exact size, position and trajectory.

AI helps distinguish known from unknown objects and determines whether the intrusion represents a threat or can be safely ignored.


Intelligent threat detection

AI automatically identifies a potential threat and triggers appropriate alarms. If, for example, an intruder activates the system, it can automatically alert the operator. Such a notification can include video imagery, the movement path and exact location of the intruder in real-time.

This feature makes our solution suitable for remote facilities or complex buildings.

Configuration for the client's needs

Your customers chose you because no run-of-the-mill security system solves their security challenges. With Hexagon 3D Surveillance, you can configure the system to meet your clients' needs. Define safety zones with centimetre specificity and time the alarm as required. Customise the response triggered in an alarm event.

Flexibility opens up opportunities to address challenges and drive revenue.

Questions about 3D Surveillance?

Talk to our team if you have questions or would like to know more about growing your business with 3D Surveillance.