REcreate What’s New 2023.1

Several new enhancements have been made in the 2023.1 version of REcreate. These are some of the major highlights:
  • New and improved user interface for better handling of large and complex parts
  • New structure tree – includes powerful new filtering functionality and centralizes element management
    • Easily manage workplanes from the Structure Tree with the new Workplane view
  • Full control when reverse engineering with the ability to quickly draw sketches on a mesh to create freeform surfaces
  • Identify and extract defects on scanned parts when compared to the nominal CAD to aid repair work on broken or damaged parts
  • Any many others.


General enhancements

New User Interface

REcreate 2023.1 comes with a new and improved user interface featuring a new Structure Tree and new command dialog design. The new Structure Tree centralises the management of all elements in the model and has powerful filtering capabilities which make it easier to handle large complex models. The command dialogs are now overlaid in the graphics area enabling full compatibility with the new structure tree.
New user interface REcreate 2023

Reverse engineering enhancements 

Draw surfaces on meshes

A new surfacing method has been introduced to the REcreate Reverse Engineering suite. It enables you to define a patchwork on a mesh and use the patchwork and the mesh to create surfaces on the fly. This new reverse engineering tool is a quick and easy way to create freeform surfaces with complete control.

Draw surfaces on meshes

Replace CAD faces with meshes

A new approach has been added to the Reverse Engineering suite; the ability to replace analytical CAD faces with planar and cylindrical regions of a mesh. This makes it faster and more efficient to create a desirable starting point for more complex reverse engineering processes.
Replace CAD faces with meshes

Detect and Extract defects

The ability to detect and extract defects in a model has been added. This tool can be used to find defects in a physical part that has been scanned and then compared to a nominal CAD model.
Detect and Extract defects

REcreate 2023.1 videos

  • Defect detection
  • Draw surfaces on meshes
  • Replace faces with meshes