REcreate Flexible

REcreate’s flexibility and interoperability makes it the reverse engineering system for smart, data-driven manufacturing.

REcreate Flexible

Highly scalable, REcreate forms the essential link between a manufacturer’s design, production and inspection systems, making it an integral part of a modern, agile smart manufacturing environment. 

REcreate can either operate as a standalone system or fit into existing workflows and third-party systems, working with machines that don’t use CAM data, or as part of an end-to-end CAD to CAM solution.

Choice of data sources

Designed for interoperability with third party technologies, RECreate can capture data by connecting directly to scanning devices or by importing mesh, solid, surface or point cloud data from different sources. It can create either file formats for CAM or 2D drawings and use fragmented data. 

Direct modelling

Because it comes with a direct modelling system, RECreate offers users the freedom to push and pull the model around to achieve the desired result, making it perfect for reverse engineering. As a result, users no longer need wireframe sketches and can instead create freeform surfaces and solids directly from cloud point or mesh data.