REcreate 2023.3

Several new enhancements are included in REcreate 2023.3. Here are some of the major highlights:

  • Dynamic visibility controls
    • REcreate 2023.3 saves time using intuitive controls enabling users to show and hide elements dynamically from the graphics window

    Dynamic visibility controls

  • New command for smoothing curves
    • A new command in REcreate 2023.3 gives users the ability to quickly smooth curves in a single command. It’s now quicker and easier to clean up jagged mesh edges to create high quality CAD models.

    New command for smoothing curves

  • Enhanced sectioning
    A simplified, more powerful command for sectioning is available in REcreate 2023.3.
    • If in Parallel mode and the Number of cuts is 1, the Distance modifier is disabled.
    • If in Rotational mode, the active workplane will be used as the Rotation axis instead of the Absolute unless another axis is specified.
    • More intuitive and powerful command.

    Enhanced sectioning

  • REcreate theme
    • REcreate 2023.3 features a dedicated workflow optimized for reverse engineering. With this all new ribbon theme for reverse engineering functions, users can take advantage of a streamlined user interface for the most efficient workflow.
  • Align by faces command improved
    • REcreate now offers a single command for all alignment needs. Users can transform workplanes in addition to geometry and centralise elements, all from one place that is now elevated to the main ribbon on the Home tab.
  • Align by faces command improved