What's new in REcreate 2023.4

Many new product features and enhancements are in REcreate 2023.4

  • Now available in Dutch making it more competitive in The Netherlands


  • Improved dynamic selection of multiple elements

Intelligent Geometry

  • Dynamically select elements from the new right-click menu
    • Bodies by volume
    • Blends by radius, chain and concavity
    • Chamfers by size, chain



  • Automatically generate a Bill of Materials in the 2D Drawing environment

Bill of Materials

  • Two new commands to automatically create a BOM table in the 2D drawing environment
  • BOM lists item number, name and quantity
  • BOM labels create the number balloons on a view
  • You can now accurately create drawings with all materials quickly and efficiently

  • Use the Migration Tool to automatically copy custom settings between versions
    • Copy the settings and preferences between versions
    • Save time by not having to manually copy settings