Inspire: An all-in-one solution

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Inspire offers the tools to plan, measure, analyse, and report a wide range of applications, which creates a single and comprehensive software solution for many portable metrology projects. Built with user experience and workflow in mind, Inspire is a single package that supports a large number of portable metrology hardware for both scanning and probing applications. Advanced analysis operations and a dedicated reporting suite are also included and fully integrated from the initial download.


CAD support

Inspire supports the import of all native CAD formats including CATIA, Creo, SolidWorks, NX, standard formats, and more. Updates and new releases of CAD formats are all included with the latest versions of Inspire.


Connecting to an instrument has never been easier. Inspire can automatically add and connect to an instrument using predefined parameters without any interaction from the user after initial configuration. Simply set a default instrument and choose whether or not you would like to attempt a connection to the instrument when the project is opened.

Inspire is an all-inclusive package containing all the capabilities needed to collect both scanning and probing data. Switching between acquisition modes is simple too, with just a simple gesture or switch on the instrument to change modes.

All point cloud measurements have an associated clipping plane for the user to measure if desired. Newly collected probed measurements use Inspire’s SmartFeatures to identify and create the correct geometry.

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All features being measured will display in the graphical Heads-Up Display (HUD) with basic form checks and fit statistics for real-time feedback. By default, and if applicable, a feature’s form check and locational information can be found in the feature’s criteria panel. Inspire will adjust the displayed criteria based on the geometry type and allows for full control to add various GD&T checks and other locational information specific to a feature.

All in one solution - analysis

Build cross-sections for 2D analysis of cloud and CAD data. Create and refine a polygonised mesh with unique smoothing techniques. Colorised meshes provide a detailed visual of deviations from a design CAD model or existing mesh.


Inspire is equipped with a a dedicated reporting suite built specifically to support Inspire’s unique feature-based measurements. This allows features and analyses to be created before measurements are added to a report. The report will automatically update as measurements are added to features. Add editable screen views to the report, templates, and with additional customisation features easily.

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What is Inspire?

Intuitive and easy to use, Inspire is a comprehensive solution that makes portable measurement simple, saves time, and ultimately improves productivity.

Inspire: Intuitive design

Inspire creates a streamlined approach for measurement, analysis, and reporting for a wide array of applications.

Inspire: Probing and scanning

With Inspire, you can use any portable measuring arm or laser tracker for probing and...


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