Absolute Arm Compact

Absolute Arm Compact in application

High-accuracy probing anywhere

The world’s most accurate portable measuring arm, designed for measurement in the centre of production

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Like Hexagon CMM and laser tracker systems, our Absolute Arm systems are now compatible with the Metrology Asset Manager app, powered by the Nexus digital reality platform. As users increasingly venture further away from base with their Absolute Arm systems, it's natural to want to know how devices are performing in the field, and Metrology Asset Manager delivers exactly that. Simple, accurate and highly reliable remote monitoring and analysis functionality, whether at a single site or distributed across locations around the world, means multiple measurement devices can all be monitored in real time through this single system to allow for better-informed decision making.

Absolute Arm Compact

Features and benefits

ISO Certification
The probing accuracy of the Absolute Arm Compact is certified according to ISO 10360-12 as standard.

Asset Management
Every Absolute Arm is now compatible with the Metrology Asset Manager solution, allowing users to monitor arm health and performance in real time from anywhere in the world.

Technological Foundation
Built upon years of portable measuring arm technology, the Absolute Arm Compact is the latest in a long line of market leading articulated measuring arms, from the ROMER Arm to the ROMER Absolute Arm and now beyond.

Measure anywhere: Absolute Arm Compact

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