What is Inspire?

Discover Inspire, the next generation inspection software for all portable probing and scanning devices.

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What is Inspire

Intuitive and easy to use, Inspire is a comprehensive solution that makes measurement simple, saves time, and ultimately improves productivity. With one simple interface, Inspire works with any portable measuring arm or laser tracker for probing and scanning applications. 

Featuring unique adaptive measurement modes, Inspire reduces the amount of software interaction so that users spend more time measuring and less time navigating through software. Use any portable measuring arm or laser tracker for probing and/or scanning applications with one easy-to-use instrument interface. Inspire uses discrete point probing data and scanned cloud data in virtually the same manner to further simplify analysis operations. 

Designed with performance in mind, Inspire offers live meshing and colour map comparisons in real time. In addition to simplifying the measurement process, Inspire addresses ASME standard GD&T requirements for analysis with a streamlined workflow.

For repetitive projects, Inspire offers an easy solution to create predefined measurement routines. With Inspire’s Action Panel, no scripting knowledge is needed to create robust and guided measurement routines. All geometry features are automatically added to the Action Panel when they are created. Additional functionality is available within the Action Panel such as: creating pop-up messages for user instructions, aligning instruments, changing measurement profiles, and more. This enables users to create robust routines, guides measurement, locate instruments, perform analysis, and generate reports with ease.