Inspire: intuitive design

Inspire is streamlined for maximum usability.

Schematic analysis

With one simple interface for probing and scanning applications, Inspire helps portable measuring arm and laser tracker operators get the results they need quickly and easily. Users can move effortlessly between devices while on the job, saving time and effort. This translates to improved efficiency and quality control for a variety of measurement processes, from the inspection of small sized parts to large-volume jobs.

Inspire feature B

Intelligent user experience

Inspire uses advanced predictive logic to perform common tasks with minimal input from the user while also allowing for quick and easy adjustments as needed. Inspire reduces the amount of computer interactions needed from the user so collecting data is more efficient.

Quickly measure a variety of geometry types with no interaction with the computer. Inspire creates SmartFeatures that will identify what geometry is best fit to the data collected and report key metrics such as RMS on the Heads-Up Display.

Adaptive workflow interactions

Inspire focuses on creating a workflow that is unique to each project’s current conditions. This leads to more streamlined and intuitive processes to complete a wide array of applications.

Fundamentally, scanning and probing data are analysed in similar ways. Developed on this foundation, Inspire maintains a core workflow with built-in intelligence to interpret the different data types. This results in simplified data processing and analysis for the user.

A gif of Hexagon's Inspire software showing workflow creation

Powerfully simple

While creating intelligent and efficient workflows for numerous common applications, Inspire also offers users a large toolset of advanced functionality. The design of Inspire allows for more advanced functionality to be added continuously without disrupting or altering existing workflows.

Inspire’s architecture is conducive to the continued advancements in functionality and supporting the future of metrology without disturbing existing workflow methods or the overall user experience.


What is Inspire?

Intuitive and easy to use, Inspire is a comprehensive solution that makes portable measurement simple, saves time, and ultimately improves productivity.

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