StereoScan neo R16.2

The new benchmark in optical 3D scanning

StereoScan neo structured light scanning system

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As an unrivalled high-end structured light scanning system, the StereoScan neo R16.2 delivers superior resolution and accuracy alongside an array of innovative features that make area scanning more comprehensive than ever before.

With the StereoScan neo, Hexagon introduces the innovative Smart Phase Projection (SPP) technology, which employs a new fringe projection pattern to yield the highest quality data on even the most difficult surfaces. The SPP technology represents a large step forward in optical 3D scanning, improving on classic fringe projection patterns to allow for better scanning of glossy and dark surfaces without pre-treatment.

StereoScan neo scanning applicationThe StereoScan also benefits from Variable Light Projection (VLP) technology. This adaptive full-colour projection technique, combining the strong illumination of three LEDs for faster scanning, enables not only projection onto the measurement object of the colour patterns necessary for the scanning process, but also projection of the generated measurement results. This allows for the deviations from CAD to be visualised in full colour in the correct position on the surface of the scanned object immediately following measurement.

In the tooling and moulding industry or in the context of model making, deviations of the component surface can be measured and visualised quickly and precisely. Based on the projected deviation images, corrections on the object can be made promptly and on site. In a similar way, deviations identified during inspections can immediately visualised and corrected. 

Equipped with a 16.8-megapixel digital camera, the StereoScan neo offers the best configuration to deliver the maximum degree of detail. Measurement fields ranging from 75 to 1000 millimetres can be captured by changing the camera lenses and the base length. This innovative sensor technology makes the StereoScan neo the most powerful and versatile white light scanners on the market.
  • Features & benefits

    StereoScan neo with Smart Phase ProjectionHigh speed
    Short scanning times through fast digital projection.

    Innovative scanning
    Smart Phase Projection for scanning of glossy and dark surfaces without pre-treatment.

    Intelligent scanning
    Smart Data Capture technology allows for fast acquisition and variable resolution.

    Result projection
    Full colour back-projection of measurement results for easy post-measurement analysis.

    Versatile measurement
    Quick and easy exchange of measurement fields.

    High resolution
    Maximum degree of feature accuracy through high-resolution camera sensors and rigid design of the body.

    Probing option
    Compatible with the MI.Probe for measuring areas out of the line of sight of the scanner.

    Full colour back projection of scanning resultsRobust construction
    High-stability scanning based on a foundation of strong design and construction materials.

    Automation ready
    Ready for fully automated robotic inspection thanks to a rigid design and double carbon frame, as well as compatible with turntable and turn-tilt units for semi-automated measurement. 

    Combination with DPA series
    Combinable with photogrammetry systems in the DPA Series for increased accuracy and capability for large-volume measurement.

    Dedicated software plug-ins
    Hexagon’s structured light scanner systems allow for deep integration with the leading third-party metrology software platforms through dedicated plug-ins created using the SLS SDK. Find out more here.

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