FTI Automated Costing System (ACS)

An enterprise costing and feasibility solution for sheet metal components

FTI ACS sheet metal software for the automotive industry - exploded car parts simulation

Enterprise Solution

Providing the information required to proactively identify and address material utilisation and forming related issues.

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Cost and design engineering software solution for sheet metal components

Hexagon’s premier formability analysis, blank development, and blank nesting tool is used to identify material utilization and design changes that will ultimately reduce material costs by 3-10%.

FTI ACS identifies and targets components that do not meet material utilisation targets and/or show regression from legacy models.  Makers will see measurable improvements in overall material utilization and Body-In-White weight. 

The data produced by the system also facilitates the identification of potential formability issues at a very early stage in the product development life cycle.  By addressing these issues at the design stage, makers should also expect a reduction in the number of formability related engineering changes after designs are released to manufacturing. 
Making such changes earlier in the process has also been proven to reduce time to market and collaboration lag.

Your benefits with FTI ACS

  • Scientific physics-based approach identifies formability issues at the product design stage, reducing ECOs
  • Identifies product design changes that improve quality, material utilisation, and reduce weight and costs for optimal material usage
  • Develops minimum blank size and ensures no blank overlap
  • Accurately identifies splits and wrinkles using Forming Limit Diagram (FLD), Safety Zone in addition to Thickness Strain, Major/ Minor Strain, etc.
  • Calculates Springback to predict issues for tooling and provide information for Tolerance Negotiation
  • Reports summarise product design issues and material utilisation providing first level communication between product and tooling suppliers (internal/external)
"FTI ACS has been an important piece of our “Set Based” Enablers to utilize mechanisms to examine multiple designs/solution sets, early Design Reviews, R&D, Supplier Tech and Design Efficiency.
Ford was able to improve the overall sheet metal utilizations significantly as a result of utilizing FTI ACS."
Bruno Barthelemy
Chief Engineer Body
Ford Motor Company