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Nexus: Connect, Empower, and Innovate

Nexus is Hexagon’s new Digital Reality Platform for manufacturers that connects people, technology, and data to accelerate innovation and bring ideas to life faster than ever before. Nexus enables fluid engineering collaboration by breaking down organizational silos – from design and engineering to production and quality. Learn more about Nexus and check out our exciting offerings below.

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About Nexus

Hexagon has developed Nexus in response to evolving industry trends and challenges. Nexus is a Digital Reality Platform for manufacturers that connects people, technologies and data to drive innovation. Nexus is a catalyst for manufacturing innovation – it drives real-time, fluid collaboration across engineering disciplines by enabling secure exchange of data that is otherwise locked in silos. 

Nexus Home

Nexus Home provides you a highly customized and personalized experience, giving you access to products, documentation, and support functions. It provides a web-based front end where you can also access cloud-native apps, solutions and participate in ongoing collaborative projects in real-time.

Nexus Platform

Nexus Platform is an open cloud-based platform that brings technologies from both Hexagon and our partner ecosystem. It utilizes modern, user-centered UI and UX design and offers capabilities to build Apps and Solutions including connectivity, visualization, high-powered computing and AI technologies.

Nexus for Developers

Nexus for Developers empowers developers to build 3rd party apps and workflows on the Nexus platform. It provides the developers with easy access to APIs and SDKs.

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Nexus is a truly open platform that brings technologies from both Hexagon and our powerful partner ecosystem. Enjoy a better way of working through fluid collaboration and agile feedback loops. Start with the technologies you already own and evolve one step at a time at your own pace. Signing up to Nexus is free and will open unlimited opportunities for you.

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Discover new cloud-native apps and curated solutions, build collaborative workflows, and gain access to free trials of new apps. 

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Nexus offering overview

  • Nexus Connected Worker dashboard displayed on tablet with hands holding the digital device

    Hexagon’s solutions for connected workers digitally capture traditionally paper-based processes.

  • Nexus Compute visual

    Easily launch simulations without compute resource and software license limitations to perform simulation projects in the shortest time possible.

  • Person using Metrology Asset Manager

    Metrology Asset Manager enables remote monitoring of the performance and health of manufacturing assets.

    • ×
      Partial autonomy
      Automatically alerts users to critical events on various assets
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  • Metrology reporting

    Metrology Reporting is a cloud-based software that centralises metrology reporting and visualisation.

    • ×
      Partial autonomy
      Automated real-time metrology information and insights
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  • Nexus 3D Whiteboard app visual

    Visual collaboration tool that allows stakeholders of a project to perform live, interactive project reviews

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      Human-Assisted autonomy
      Template-based batch analysis
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  • Materials Enrich interface shown on a monitor with man operating a computer to demonstrate the cloud-based environment of machine learning

    The best-in-class solution combining material modelling and machine learning to efficiently enrich material data.

  • Materials Connect is a data management solution expressed using digital overlays to convey a cloud-based environment

    A cloud-native visualisation and data management solution that provides seamless access to material data.

  • Additive Manufacturing software in Nexus

    Elevate your creative process with a seamless DfAM workflow using additive manufacturing software in Nexus.