Digital transformation for manufacturing

Implement the newest technologies to connect devices and systems, empower people with data, expand the intelligence of your enterprise, and become increasingly autonomous.

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Making manufacturing smarter

Learn how Hexagon solutions are supporting digital transformation in manufacturing

Digital operational excellence

Hexagon’s digital operational excellence solutions enable easy-to-deploy apps that simplify or eliminate unnecessary shop-floor tasks to improve manufacturing process efficiency. 

Engineering integration

The platform provides a unique blend of engineering integration solutions to ensure that complex design, engineering and production requirements are specified to deliver ROI and value. 

Explore Nexus

Discover the benefits of Nexus and see how your teams can easily access Hexagon solutions.

Quality Management Systems (QMS)

Quality management systems (QMS) define a process to manage and improve quality throughout a manufacturing or industrial system.


The industry's first and only No Operator Input™ solution

Customer success 

See what your manufacturing peers are achieving using the platform

Case Study: Airstream

See how Airstream digitalised the inspection process, increasing data sampling from 10% to 100% and reduced reporting time from about a week to a single day with the Quality Control Checklist app.

Case Study: Paragon Medical

Hear from Paragon Medical, an early adopter of the SFx IoT Device Monitoring application, about the benefits of using factory asset management in the heavily regulated medical technology industry.