Thermo-fluid analysis with unstructured mesh

SC/Tetra is a general purpose thermo-fluid simulation software that uses a hybrid mesh to accurately represent complex shapes and model geometry. Features such as a sophisticated mesh generation system, high speed computing, low memory consumption, and a user-friendly interface throughout to increase user efficiency.

An unstructured mesh is created using tetrahedron, pentahedron, hexahedron, and/or polyhedron elements. This allows for a mesh that represents the model with high accuracy. As a result, unstructured mesh is used for applications where precise representation of the geometry is crucial. Examples of applications that benefit from an unstructured mesh include vehicle aerodynamics, flow inside duct parts, and turbomachinery.

  • User-friendly Condition Wizard

    Wizard driven analysis conditions provide an easy to learn approach to setting up and performing a CFD simulation.

  • Best-in-class memory saving and computation speed

    SC/Tetra uses finite volume method which uses vertex centered control volume. This reduces the number of closed volumes without sacrificing accuracy.

  • Adaptive mesh refinement

    Based on geometry and flow field the mesh is automatically generated to efficiently analyze the problem. Mesh refinement is concentrated on regions where there are high velocity and pressure gradients and where geometry is complex.

  • Overset mesh

    By overlapping a stationary mesh with a moving mesh, motion such as deformation, rotation, contact of solids, and multiple overlapping rotating region can be considered during an analysis.

  • Wrapping

    Tiny details that do not have a significant impact on the field can be removed by "wrapping" the geometry and removing features below a certain threshold. Wrapping is also used to remove defects in a model that prevent closed volumes from being recognized.