Autonomous fleet deployment

Scalable engineering solutions to deploy autonomous systems across a full fleet.

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Enabling autonomy in a single platform is one challenge; it's a whole other feat to deploy autonomy across an entire fleet. Hexagon's positioning and sensor technologies are scalable across production volumes. Our integration and engineering services empower your fleets to launch faster than ever.

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Autonomy to scale

Making the move from automation to autonomy can be a large hurdle to overcome, especially when you have an existing fleet of platforms and systems.

But enabling autonomy across your fleet is possible, whether you work with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), on- or off-road vehicles or marine vessels.

We have several methods of enabling autonomy to scale:

  • Autonomy development kits with the perception and positioning technologies necessary to accelerate autonomy on any platform.
  • Engineering and integration services leveraging our expertise with these technologies. We'll work with your existing platform to determine the best means of integrating autonomous technologies, then pass that platform back to your manufacturing teams for fleet deployment.
A range of autonomous platforms including unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), tractors, marine vessels and self-driving cars

Hexagon has worked with universities, governments and companies to implement positioning, perception and autonomous technologies across platforms.

Whether you're at the R&D stage and looking to develop a demonstrator vehicle, or ready to integrate autonomous systems across your fleet, read our case studies on how we've deployed autonomy across fleets and industries.

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