Ethics & Compliance Reporting System

What is the ethics & compliance reporting system?

The Ethics & Compliance Reporting System is a confidential reporting service operated by Lighthouse, an independent third-party provider, to assist individuals to confidentially report legal or policy violations by Hexagon's employees and third parties acting on Hexagon’s behalf. Reporting in good faith will not result in retaliation or negative consequence. To access the Ethics & Compliance Hotline Reporting System, click on the applicable link below. Reports can also be made via our toll-free hotline.

  • To make a report via phone from the United States, please dial 1-833-961-3661.
  • To make a report from Germany, please dial: 0800-183-0724.
  • To make a report from Italy, please dial 800-743-075.
  • All other countries should dial (appropriate country exit code) 1-833-431-3655.

It has been externally and independently verified that Hexagon’s Ethics and Compliance Reporting System is operated in compliance with the whistleblower reporting standards required by EU and Swedish laws.

What kind of situation could be better addressed with my direct manager or HR officer?

If you have a personal grievance, we encourage you to discuss this with your direct manager or HR officer first and only use the hotline when these channels have been exhausted or are not appropriate:

Personal grievances are concerns or issues that are specific to an individual employee's experiences or circumstances in the workplace.

Examples of personal grievances include:

  • Unfair performance evaluations: If an employee believes their performance review was biased or not reflective of their actual work.
  • Wage and salary disputes: If an employee has concerns about their pay, overtime compensation, or discrepancies in their paycheck.
  • Conflicts with co-workers or supervisors: If an employee experiences interpersonal issues or disagreements with colleagues or managers that affect their work environment.

Report an incident – To report an incident, click here.

Already made a report? To follow-up or get the status of an existing report, click one of the below:

Hexagon Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

Hexagon is committed to ensuring that its personnel act with the highest standards of ethics and in compliance with all regulatory and legal requirements and recommended practices.

Read the Code

Hexagon Supplier Code of Conduct

Hexagon’s Supplier Code of Conduct communicates Hexagon’s minimum requirements for the standards and business practices of Hexagon’s Suppliers.

Read the Supplier Code
  • Alternate contact information

    Reports can also be submitted to Hexagon's compliance team via email at or directly to Hexagon's Chief Compliance Officer:

    Tony Zana
    Hexagon AB
    General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer
    Phone: +256.730.1326


  • Frequently asked questions

    Hexagon Internal Reporting and Investigation

    1. Who can report a concern?

      Both Hexagon employees and third parties (i.e., suppliers, customers, freelancers, contractors, shareholders, or other individuals) may report concerns.

    2. What can be reported?

      Report any genuine suspicions of violations of law, Hexagon’s policies and procedures, or harmful activities within Hexagon. Examples include genuine suspicions of fraud, corruption, conflicts of interest, or export and sanctions violations related to our business. However, please avoid reporting operational issues such as sales or after-sales matters, issues customarily handled by direct manager, and human resources management issues. False, misleading, fake, or defamatory reports should not be submitted.

    3. How to report a concern?

      The following reporting channels are available for reporting concerns and providing relevant information:

      • Hexagon Ethics & Compliance Reporting System: This web-based application is operated 24/7/365 by a third-party vendor on behalf of Hexagon and offers a secure platform for reporting in various languages, either online or by phone, with the option for anonymity. It also functions as a case management system, where all reports and investigation records are documented and stored. Should a report be received over the phone, it will be transferred to and registered within the system. Upon submitting a report, reporters receive a unique report number and are requested to create a four-character alphanumeric PIN. This PIN allows secure, anonymous online access for updates, submitting additional documentation, or requesting status inquiries. Reporters shall keep their PIN and report number confidential to maintain the process's integrity.
      • Hexagon Compliance Organisation: Your Division or Regional Compliance Officer or other members of the Hexagon Compliance Team are available to receive reports. The Hexagon Compliance Organisation can also be reached via email at
      • Depending on the issue, reports can be addressed to any Hexagon manager, or relevant employees from Hexagon’s human resources, or finance departments.
      • Within the EU (European Union), if an entity employs 250 or more individuals, complaints can also be directed to local representatives of the entity for handling at the local level.

      If a reporter discloses their identity, it will be treated confidentially by Hexagon. Only necessary parties will be informed or gain access to the report, upholding a strict need-to-know principle. Information concerning individuals named in the report and the report content are treated with confidentiality.

      Reporters are encouraged to provide with their report any documentation supporting and explaining the allegation.

    4. Who handles reports and what principles apply?

      The Hexagon Compliance Team is the primary designated recipient of reports. Certain complaints may be redirected at their discretion, for example, to other relevant departments. When an investigation is deemed necessary, an investigation team composed of an investigator and reviewer will be assembled. In certain circumstances, an independent external investigator may be engaged to ensure the investigation process remains objective and maintains its integrity.

      In addressing complaints, Hexagon adheres to the following key principles:

      • Compliance with applicable laws and internal policies
      • Respectful, fair, diligent, impartial, and objective case management
      • Protection against retaliation
      • Preservation of confidentiality and data protection
      • Upholding the principle of presumption of innocence
      • Protection of Hexagon’s interests and operational integrity
    5. What is the process for handling reports?

      Hexagon’s response to reports corresponds to the facts and circumstances reported. The typical process often begins with logging the report into our case management system, acknowledging its receipt within five business days, where appropriate, and conducting a preliminary assessment, all of which may occur concurrently. Depending on the findings, we either proceed with a detailed investigation or decide to close the matter. At the conclusion of any investigation, responsive actions may be taken if necessary. Updates on the investigation’s progress might be provided to the reporter, if permissible and appropriate under the circumstances. All employees must cooperate with internal investigations. Once submitted, the reporter cannot withdraw their report and all subsequent actions are determined at Hexagon’s discretion.

    6. How does Hexagon protect reporters from retaliation?

      Hexagon strictly enforces a no-retaliation policy to protect any individual who reports a concern in good faith. This policy prohibits any actions that may directly or indirectly impact the reporter. If the Compliance organisation receives any report of current or impending retaliation, it is thoroughly evaluated and addressed appropriately.

      However, this safeguard does not cover individuals who abuse the system by submitting inaccurate or malicious reports. Engaging in such behavior may lead to disciplinary or legal consequences.

    7. Where can I learn more about Hexagon policies and procedures?

      If you are a Hexagon employee, please consult our Ethics & Compliance System at: Hexnet Compliance Programme.

      If you are not an employee, please refer to Hexagon Legal Compliance.

      To learn more about Hexagon's Reporter's Guide, click here.

      To learn more about Hexagon's Privacy Notice, click here.