Toward the realisation of techno-craft

Nabeya Corporation provides precision parts, services and measurement for various industries, using a wide range of Hexagon metrology products for their quality control processes

Nabeya Corporation provides precision parts, services and measurement using Absolute Arm for their quality control processes
Jig measurement with a Leica Absolute Tracker AT960 and Leica T-Probe.Founded in 1560, during the era of the Warring States period, Nabeya Corporation is a business of immense history whose philosophy is based on value creation, solid management and adaptation to current trends. The company is constantly evolving based on the policy of ‘techno-craft’ – the fusion of technology and skills. Their speciality products are presicion jig fixtures, machine vises, mechanical parts, vibration isolation products, precision surface plates, hand tools, cast iron material or temple bells. 

In addition to their core business, Nabeya offers a wide range of services, including CAD modeling, 3D printer modeling, part fabrication and simulation using measurement data, and of course measurement itself.

Twenty of the company’s 160 employees are dedicated and experienced measurement engineers. They have performed more than 6000 measurement projects all around the world.
“For all post-purchase support, I can ask questions and consult without hesitation, partly because of the geographical proximity. The Hexagon team always offers helpful and fast answers.”
Mr Yamaguchi
Nabeya Industrial Development department
Members of the Nabeya team in front of one of the company’s factories.

For their quality checks, the company use laser trackers, portable measuring arms and hand tools, all from Hexagon. “The best thing about Hexagon’s products is their quality,” says Mr Yamaguchi, Director of the Industrial Development department at Nebaya. “We strive to provide high-quality products and services that meet customer requirements. Therefore, we place a great deal of importance on ‘warranty’ and ‘quality’.”

The team at Nebaya appreciate the repeatability of Hexagon’s measurement devices. Speaking about the Absolute Arm, Hexagon’s portable measuring arm, Mr Takada and Mr Yamada, engineers in the Measurement Business section of the Industrial Development department mention: “There is very little error in the removal of the probe, so when we measure the scale bar, it is within the value we have determined. The Absolute Encoder also makes it possible to accurately measure rightward and leftward movements of the scale bar.”

Nabeya has a wide variety of measurement experience, using Hexagon’s products in many industries and for many parts. Recent examples include measuring a large submarine, performing alignment work in the medical field, calibrating machining machines and retrofit contracts.

Machine calibration with the Super CatEye reflector.“The Super CatEye reflector, with its plus-or-minus 75-degree super-wide acceptance angle is particularly useful, as we can always track its central position no matter what angle the beam hits it, and that comes into play in many situations,” says Yamaguchi. “The machining parts are big and many metres long, so sometimes you have to worry about the angle of the reflector. But with the Super CatEye, the field of view is expanded from the conventional one, and you can see straight through without human intervention, so it’s really easy to work with.”